Glow Winter Arts Festival 2015– Ice Skating Rink 
Terms & Condition

These terms and conditions apply to all persons accessing and using the Ice Skating Rink as part of the Glow Winter Arts Festival 2015.
Purchase of a ticket and/or entry onto the ice skating rink are deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Guidelines & Conduct
Skaters must comply at all times and without exception with any directions given by the rink supervisors. Failure to do will result in rink access being prohibited.
Refusal of access to the rink is at the sole and absolute discretion of the rink supervisors at all times.
No ticket refund will be made if a person is excluded from the rink by a decision of a supervisor.
Skaters must adhere to the general skating pace and direction on the ice rink at all times unless advised otherwise.
Children under the age of 6 years must have a guardian at all times who accepts responsibility for the child’s conduct and safety.
No child or other person is to be carried by another person on the rink.
Articles or objects must not be brought onto the rink unless used for skating or approved by a supervisor.
Gloves and socks must be worn when ice skating and protective clothing against injury and accident is strongly recommended.
Skaters must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any time.
Skaters having any health or other conditions or due to age which may effect their ability to safely participate in skating in the company of others are firmly advised not to enter the rink.
All specialist ice skating equipment is provided.
Bad, offensive or dangerous behavior or bad language will NOT be tolerated.
Bullying or inappropriate physical contact such as pushing, tripping or rough play will NOT be tolerated.
No one is permitted to sit or lie or stand still on the rink for any more than a short period
Point of access to the rink must not be blocked off in any way.

For the safety of ice skaters, sessions may be cancelled due to unforeseen and/or inclement weather conditions. If this is the case, ice skaters will be offered an alternate session option and if an alternate session cannot be provided, a ticket refund will be made upon application to Oztix.

Skaters participate in all activities on and near the rink at their own risk and acknowledge and agree that such activities can result in injury or loss by reason of its physical nature and that the activities are carried out in concert with a number of other skaters, some with little or no skill.

By their purchase of a ticket and/or entry onto the rink, skaters agree to indemnify the rink operator and the City of Stonnington, their employees, agents and contractors, against any and all loss, damage, claims whether to person and property, costs and expenses howsoever occurring. 

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